BPG Web Encoder

BPG Web Encoder provides online transcoding of tradional jpg/png image to superior bpg files. The original libbpg encoder version is used to transcode the images with the default encoder options.

Captcha: The captcha has 3 mn validity.

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  • News : The BPG Web Encoder is now released under Apache v2 public licence and is published @github.
  • Usage of libbpg 0.9.6 and bpg encoding options.
  • The maximum file size for uploads is 6 MB.
  • The maximum file count per captcha identification is 10.
  • Only image files (JPG, PNG) are allowed.
  • Encoded and uploaded files will be deleted automatically 10 minutes after the encoding end.
  • 3 minutes encoding timeout. It may be an issue with image data close to the maximum allowed size.
  • The application is hosted in a one core cpu openstack container. The encoding time is therefore SLOW.
  • The encoding time on a multicore modern CPU PC is dramatically FASTER.